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  1. The ZENSE of the world will soon manifest all around us. Frameworks such as IoT Service Framework, e-Entitlement Framework, & Party e-Service Framework will come under Zense conceptualization [December 2018]. What is a Public Transit Zense? Developments for Supply Chain Zense, Logistics Zense & Airport Zense are either complete or in progress. Check it out OFTEN!!

  2. An IoT Service Framework - An attempt to bring IoT design theory in play based on a service framework [I blogged on August 30, 2016].. The service framework is grounded on Party Service in the physical/real world, its transcendence to Party e-Service in the electronic world, and consequentially to Party m-Service with the proliferation of smart mobile devices. Some examples will be described under this Framework in the later half of 2018, with respect to data in supply chains, airports, public transits & public shared transportation.

  3. An e-Entitlement Framework - Access Control (e.g., Role-based Access Control) & Privacy Preservation should take on an integrative view in this dynamic Integrative Era where Access Control is protected at the data-level with encryption, and Privacy should be identity-owner-sanctioned rather than data-owner-defined. We bring the intersect of these two tricky designs into one as entitlement.

  4. An open forum, 'RFID-based Enabling Technology for On-Target Visibility Garment Supply Chains', organized by the Center of Cyber Logistics of then Li & Fung Institute, was held in The Chinese University of Hong Kong on April 27, 2011.
    • Most Innovative Use of EPC/RFID (Gold) Award, GS1 Hong Kong RFID Awards 2011, for End-to-End RFID Adoption in Supply Chains: Visibility, Innovations & Beyond.
    • Best EPC/RFID Implementation (Bronze) Award, GS1 Hong Kong RFID Awards 2011, for End-to-End RFID Adoption in Supply Chains: Visibility, Innovations & Beyond.
    • Merit Award in e-Logistics and Supply Chain Management Category, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards 2011, for RFID-enabled On-Target Supply Chain Visibility Platform.
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