This website,, will slowly being updated to match the changing trends of technology, and to contribute to the unforgiving jargons that have been popping up anywhere anytime. We do not go meta in our discussion, but direct and in a way, rip of the need of meta shields for netizens to enjoy online and as the same citizens to continue the journey office, and vice versa. Let's begin in the new year of 2022.
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January 1, 2022.
The Phenomenon of OzzO    [last update: January 1, 2022]

'Any2Any' or just A2A, carries connotations of one-to-one, one-to-many, and even zero-to-any, to eventually anyone to anyone. Such A2A phenomenon could only take place in the virtual world, lending the grandness of anyone could communicate with anyone in the world without any pre-disposed connectedness assumuption. Could we make this also true in the physical world, the lifeworld?

O2O is of both, Online-to-Offline and the reverse, or is it truly a reverse in most senses? A2A is a characteristics of O2O, or more precisely, of OzzO..

OzzO is not longer as a result of, and limited to that of the e-commerce scope, such as the notion of, where an online touchpoint of a product was established and final transactional behavior continued in offline at a brick-and-mortar store, or put in an order online after a visit at the physical store, but, in general, how we hop consciously or subconsciously, between the online (virtual) world and the offline (physical) world, unknowingly, as if the worlds are in sync - if so, why the need of 'fact check,' interestingly enough, the check goes both ways.

Anyhow, the notion is any directional hops from online to offline, and vice versa, or we called e-zigzaging, that the 'linkage' (of both worlds seamlesslyl) is intact. For example, in one simple scenario, where a face-to-face meeting (offline) will continue in the virtual meeting (online, such as using Zoom, or via Teams) with no loss. Will a great avatar do the trick?

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